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Stop caring, start living

I have always had a fairly blasé attitude to other people’s opinions of me and my life decisions. Growing up, I definitely didn’t care about what people thought in terms of the way I dressed (as evidenced by my rather interesting choices in fashion), the way I acted or the people I was friends with. However, like everyone, I went through my teenage years and had periods where I conformed to my peers. Whether that was by choosing to wear skinny jeans over flares, toning down my bubbly personality in fear of being seen as annoying or by belittling my intelligence in case people saw me as cocky, I would find ways to ‘fit in’. Luckily, I have always been able to get myself out of these mindsets because I realise that I am happiest when I care less about what people think and focus instead on what gives me joy in life.Unfortunately, this pandemic has not been the best for me, because in spite of being indifferent for the most part to other people’s opinions of me, I also find it easy to sl…

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